Hello, I'm Jane

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So I little about me.   I grew up in Massachusetts and after raising my family I  began to pursue my interest in alternative and holistic medicine.  I became certified as a meditation teacher, became a Reiki Master,  a certified trainer of Relaxation Response with Dr. Herbert Benson, and gave workshops in conferences for people dealing with psychiatric symptoms for the National Empowerment Center.   


I expanded my interest in holistic medicine to the equine world and became a certified equine massage therapist but it was after an accident where I broke my wrist that I was drawn back into mindfulness and became certified to teach mindfulness with Shamash Alidina.  

During all those years and all the changes, I never stopped my mindfulness practice, and now in 2020 the year of the COVID-19 pandemic the opportunity arose to share mindfulness with some of my teenage grandchildren to help them deal with the stresses of being in quarantine as well as the everyday challenges in a teen's life.  It was an amazing experience for all of us.

I am happy to report the story of sharing mindfulness with my teens will be published this fall in Stories of Transformation by Shamash Alidina.  Also, my teens and I are working on a program for all teens so they may discover the benefits of mindfulness too. 

So, besides my life with mindfulness, I love to play golf.  I'm a fickle golfer, though I don't like to play when it's too hot or too cold!  I love to bake just about anything and everything, make jewelry, play bridge, and practice tai chi and yoga.  Most of all I love spending time with my family especially in person but I'll be happy with facetime, phone calls, and even a text!


Tips for mindful living

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